F 53 – Multi Cassette Bill Dispenser

COMPACT and Multi Cassette Media Dispenser
Designed for the OEM market, the F53 dispenser features six cassettes that can hold up to a total of 3000 notes or other media.
The Slimline F53 offers OEMs a key element in achieving the compact ergonomic zone required most applications.

RS232 standard, USB option
Bill low sensor
Denomination sensor
Predictive failure analysis
Lockable cassette option
Firmware download
Single note reject

Capacities / denominations
Accommodation 60mm
New notes 500 each cassette (approx.)

Service Access
Front or Rear Access

Number of cassettes
Up to 6 Cassettes
Standard 2 cassettes

Bill count speed
2 notes / second

Acceptable media range
Max. 82 x 160mm
Min. 65 x 120mm
Thick 0.09 ~ 0.3mm

Bill transaction
20 bills / transaction

Bill retrieval

Standard Certifications
UL, TUV certified

Reject Bill Capacity
Approx. 20 Bills

Bill low sensor
Fixed sensor 40 bills
Each cassette (approx.)

Dimensions (WxDxH)
Cass: 116x216x98mm

(w/o media) 8.5kg
Cassette: 0.7kg


Electrical Power Requirements
DC +24V (+10%, -10%)
Max 7A
Ave. 5°

Operation 0 ~ 40 ° C
Stop State -5 ~ 50 ° C

Electrical Power Requirements
Bill retrieval


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