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13 April, 2023

Project of Advanced Digitalization of the Company through Automation and Digitalization of Internal Logistics and Warehouse Management of Raw Materials and Finished Products

POR Fesr 2021-2027, Priority 1, Action 1.2.3

Project Description: KF has made a series of investments aimed at creating a fully automated logistics/warehouse department capable of interacting in an integrated manner with the production lines, interfacing with the company’s management system. The project involved the installation of automated warehouses for components and finished products, as well as automatic goods transport systems to connect with the production line. The objective achieved through the project is an increase in the levels of efficiency in the production process, with the digital integration of the logistics/warehouse areas with the production line.


The project focused on automating the warehouse through the introduction of both automated warehouses for incoming components and automated systems for managing outgoing pallets, along with the use of AMRs for the autonomous movement of components. The objectives are:

  • Increase the quality of products through in-house production with total control of the production flow
  • Digitalization of the production process
  • Increase in production volumes and levels of traceability and control of the flow
  • Data protection

Results: KF is proud to have achieved (and in some cases exceeded) the objectives set in the digital transformation plan:

  • Transformation of the production model from external contractor to in-house process
  • Reduction of order lead times thanks to in-house production
  • Scaling of production lines according to expected production targets
  • Improvement of product quality by reducing non-conformities through real-time monitoring and guidance systems for production phases and related operations
  • End-to-end traceability of the production process with the support of digital technologies
  • Digitalization of the warehouse through the introduction of:
    • Vertical carousel storage – interconnected with the Warehouse Management System (WMS)
    • Four compactable warehouses – interconnected with the WMS
    • Systems for the movement of semi-finished products and components: forklifts and pallet trucks with integrated and interconnected weighing systems
  • Interconnection between the warehouse and production through the WMS
  • Servicing production through intelligent transport systems (AMR)
  • Identification of the interface between AMR transport systems and infrastructures (elevators, clean room)
  • Interconnection between the Manufacturing Execution System (MES) and the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system
  • Optimization of disaster recovery systems with the implementation of specific products with near-zero recovery time (3 minutes)
  • Improvement of cybersecurity and data protection standards through the introduction of dedicated Hybrid Cloud Ecosystem systems (Syneto)

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