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Excellence in Quality Assurance

Since 2009, KF  proudly holds the ISO 9001 certification of its Quality System, issued by the prestigious accredited body ACCREDIA, and obtained thanks to  complete focus on customer needs.

KF maintains the highest quality standards through continuous verification of processes and products, followed by constant adherence to company procedures and rigorous quality control of suppliers.

Our efficient management of the Quality System is the result of the continuous commitment of the entire KF organization to guarantee customer satisfaction and protect the health and safety of all  stakeholders.

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Sustainability at KF

Our Commitment

KF is committed to reducing environmental impact, promoting social responsibility and ensuring employee well-being, pursuing the highest ESG standards

B Corporation Certification

KF recently obtained B Corp status, recognized in 78 countries and 155 sectors, making it one of over 7,000 B Corp companies worldwide,  with 240 in Italy, thus combining profit objectives with an ongoing commitment to the environment and social responsibility.  We aim to optimize processes, minimize waste and support and sustain the local community.

Support and Wellbeing

KF prioritizes employee welfare while supporting projects that enhance quality of life, work-life balance, and the well-being of the local community. As a B Corporation, we are dedicated to contributing to a better world.

Sustainability Report

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Sustainability and Responsibility
Corporate Social

Make a difference together

In May 2023 KF obtained the B Corp Sustainability certification, becoming one of the companies that are committed to measuring and considering their environmental and social performance with the same attention traditionally reserved for economic results and that believe in business, as a positive force that strives to produce value for the biosphere and society. This goal aligns with the 2020 choice to become a Benefit Company, integrating into its corporate purpose, in addition to profit objectives, the aim of having a positive impact on society and the environment.

KF is dedicated to creating a positive impact through Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives and support for various non-profit organizations.
KF’s operations are also aimed at the common benefit of the territory and neighboring communities with the aim of best preserving and protecting environmental aspects. Specific actions are also evaluated outside the national territory, with promotion, support and training initiatives aimed at specific projects that are in line with the transversal sustainability of the actions implemented. On this page we list some of the initiatives and projects. More details can be found in our Sustainability Report.

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For years, KF has hosted at its headquarters the offices of the “Associazione Amazzonia Sviluppo Odv”, a non-profit organization in the third sector, which deals with humanitarian projects both for the Amazon and for the national territory. A logistical and financial contribution that consolidates a ten-year partnership. The association, together with the “Portobello” social emporium and Caritas, responds to the food needs of new families in our territory who have fallen below the poverty line. Two other important projects are: “Ca’ nostra” in favor of non-self-sufficient elderly people and “VeloModena”, launched in 2019, with a strong value on both a social and environmental level. At the same time, in the Amazon, KF continues to support the agricultural school for young Indians “Rainha dos apostolos” and microcredit in the indigenous communities of the lower Rio Negro.

The collaboration between KF and Doctors Without Borders began in 2012 with the support of humanitarian activity that reaches where there is most need. Since 1971, Doctors Without Borders has taken care of millions of people in danger, with numerous medical activities: management of hospitals, clinics and nutritional centers, war and routine surgery, fight against epidemics and psychological support for victims of trauma and war , intervening quickly and efficiently in all these humanitarian emergencies.

KF is creating and coordinating an experimental social project with the idea of developing a kit composed of amorphous, lightweight, rollable and transportable solar panels that produce energy for storage in a battery compartment. The stored energy will be made available exactly at the moment needed, for the operation of well pumps, near villages without services in Kenya and Zambia.
KF is part of the “Associazione per la RSI” (Association for CSR – Corporate Social Responsability), established in 2014 but already active with some of its members since 2009. Its mission is to enhance, raise awareness and promote corporate social responsibility, through the involvement of all local players.
KF supports the “Consorzio Forestale Mutina Arborea Impresa Social”, a non-profit organisation, born as a branch of the Association for Corporate Social Responsibility, to actively contribute to improving the well-being of the people of the area and of future generations. The objective is to make cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, long-lasting and sustainable, reforesting Modena and its province to improve air quality, mitigate the effects of climate change and improve psycho-physical well-being.
As a benefit corporation, KF has joined the italian national sssociation for benefit corporations, which groups together benefit corporations and those that recognize themselves in a market and social and economic growth model that has the common good at the center of its action. The association aims to spread and enhance this model to be an inspiration for the entire Italian economic system.

Conflict minerals policy statement

In response to the violence and human rights violations in the extraction of certain minerals from the “Conflict Region”, located in the eastern part of the Democratic Republic of Congo and neighboring countries, KF is committed to supporting the humanitarian goal of ending the violent conflict in those areas.

KF has implemented an internal procedure that complies with the relevant sections of the internationally recognized OECD (Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development) guidelines and requires its suppliers to carry out adequate verification of supply chains to determine the places of origin of 3TG minerals and whether the smelter or the refinery has been certified as “conflict free” by an independent third party or through the use of the Conflict Minerals Reporting Template questionnaire (drawn up by “cfsi”).

For further information, consult the attached PDF.

REG. EU 97/129: Identificazione dei materiali di imballo

Legislative decree 3 September 2020, n. 116 provides that all packaging is “appropriately labeled according to the methods established by the applicable UNI technical standards and in compliance with the decisions adopted by the European Union Commission, to facilitate the collection, reuse, recovery and recycling of packaging, as well as to give correct information to consumers on the final destinations of packaging.

Producers also have the obligation to indicate, for the purposes of identifying and classifying the packaging, the nature of the packaging materials used, on the basis of Commission Decision 97/129/EC.”

FOR 50



PE-LD 04

Screen protection film


PP 05




Strap with aluminium seal

Plastic and alluminium

PAP 20

Plain and interlayer cardboard


PE-LD 04

Adhesive envelope

Plastic and glue

PAP 21



PE-LD 04

Bags for small parts


PE-LD 04

Bubble wrap


PE-LD 04

Bubble wrap




Expanded polyehhylene

PE-LD 04

Envelope padded with bubble wrap

Paper, plastic and glue

PE-LD 04

Heat shrink fim


PE-LD 04

Adhesive label

Paper and glue

For all types of packaging, respect the environment and check the provisions of your municipality.