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The Company

KF is rooted in Modena, a historic and university city in the center of Emilia-Romagna, a focal point of major communication routes and major production and creative entities, capital of the “Motor Valley” and recognized excellence for ceramics, mechanics, fashion and the food & beverage sector.

Founded in 1996 by industry experts, KF soon earned the trust of global manufacturers such as Citizen, JCM, Mean Well and Asahi Seiko, obtaining, in some cases, exclusive distribution rights in Italy.

The growth of the following years allowed KF to  establish its 1000 m2 factory in 2001 where, together with the acquisitions of company shares in strategic similar sectors, it began to develop products of its own design, innovations & technology.

In 2022, KF   expanded the property by an additional 1000 m2 and installed two production lines. ,  This move brought all the assembly processes in-house, thereby enhancing the quality and increasing the productivity, and embracing Industry 4.0 standards.

KF takes the values of its places of origin and  looks to the future, by identifying  innovation as the key to its success.

Committed to excellence, KF operates from three manufacturing sites  (Modena, Ivrea and Shenzhen), boasting 27 years of industry experience and a dedicated team of 17 professionals at its headquarters. Our ISO9001 quality commitment (achieved in 2015) underlines our approach. As a certified B Corporation since 2023, KF  takes pride in its commitment to sustainability and corporate social responsibility, with particular  focus on the environment,  community,  employees and all external stakeholders.

The acronym KF, “Key to the Future”, reflects our focus on being the key to the future for  our customers, offering exceptional value and high-quality service both before and after the sale.

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KF is the acronym for “Key to the Future” and underlines the vision that has guided the company since its foundation. Our  slogan “Your ideas, our next challenge” is our guiding principle, reflecting our daily focus and the way we work. It reminds us to fully satisfy our customers’ needs, by employing  their ideas, and developing  solutions  together with our partners.


Collaboration, Respect, Trust

We  envision a world transformed through visual interaction and tactile interaction, a language of listening and communication. This vision drives the consumer’s experiential evolution through the innovative solutions we develop and create in collaboration with our partners.


Your ideas, our next challenge

Our mission is to put the customer at the centre, by offering maximum attention and assistance and building a winning relationship in both directions, which can bring added value and high quality, before and after the sale. Making our customers so satisfied with our quality, service and performance that they would judge themself crazy to even think of replacing us. Making their idea our next challenge, to achieve the common goal: the excellent final consumer experience, which allows us to achieve, as a team, the market leadership.

Corporate culture

We are committed to doing great things

A team committed to doing great things, working together to deliver exceptional results for and with our clients. We operate responsibly, driven by results and the creation of value, through continuous improvement and  excellent execution.

A look at the future

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.    Embracing this philosophy, KF redesigned its new “Future” after its first 16 years,  in line with its dreams and refocused  on research and innovation. Returning to its  core business of customizing  industrial monitors, KF aims to achieve genuine cooperation and growth. by tackling the most challenging tasks alongside its partners