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Industrial monitors and printers, bills readers

“A key to the future of distribution”



4 Product lines based on two main business lines: Visualization Solutions and Money Management Subsystem.
For some years now, the internal evolution of KF has led to a new organization activity based on different levels of proposal to the market: production, integration and distribution; along with 4 clear product lines (recognition of magnetic cards and chips,

money management, printers, monitors and visualization). The will to follow theories of lean thought, focused on some specific things and offer our customers specific and offer our customers specific and efficient services, this is the hallmark of the new KF of the future years … Our product range is defined on the basis of over twenty years of experience of some of its founders and close relationships with our project partners, companies of global importance, certified producers and qualified suppliers.


Digital Signage

Interactive communication solution
A new era is starting for the human race … View … tap … listen … talk and all in one technology, this is the solution that fits … “How will it be in the near future? !!! ” … Magical interactive. Mirror boards for school and other, interactive touch table
or meeting pad … and your ideas!



We are specialized in deep customized solution based on customer’s design. Advanced solutions for touch screen, glass or PMMA material as well as, anti-fingerprint, anti-glare, anti-glare treatment
Your ideas, our next challenge!


R&D Office

The R & D department is the beating heart of our company. Specialist engineers specialize in designing and designing tailor-made solutions based on the client’s request. Our internal laboratory develops prototypes, controls and assembles new solutions. Inspection and quality control are our way of working to ensure the best service to our customers.

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