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Progetto Hope | KF srl
22 February, 2022

Project Hope – Social Responsability

Hope Project

KF presents the CSR project, H.O.P.E. (Handy Operating Point of Extraction).

This project consists in an innovative integrated system for the recovery and extraction of water from artesian wells. With an automatic mechanism and totally independent from the power grid, it is powered by a kit of roll-up photovoltaic sheets. This is undoubtedly a technological breakthrough to bring hope and a future to the most remote places in the world, where the water shortage is an everyday issue.

Thanks to its relative handiness, H.O.P.E. can prove to be a valuable aid in extracting water easily, without manual levers and without the aid of fossil fuel-based electricity. The brilliant design exercise of the companies involved in this project gives back to the most unfortunate communities on the planet the chance to find the primary commodity of life, water, through simple solar irradiation in a sustainable and clean way.

HOPE, a new, small and manageable possibility for a better world..

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