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Readers, acceptors and banknote recyclers

KF offers a large catalog of automatic systems for cash management: banknote and coin readers, banknote and coin dispensers, compact cash register and currency recycling solutions, automatic checkouts, safes and many other applications.

A wide range of applications

Our devices are designed for a wide range of applications, offering reliable and cutting-edge money management solutions, ideal for ensuring a smooth and secure payment transition. We can apply our products for retail outlets, self-service services, automatic payment systems, banking services and more generally for all sectors that require cash management, offering completely customized solutions.

Reliability and integration

Our devices are designed to ensure maximum compatibility with your existing systems. We can support a variety of connection options to simplify integration with your existing infrastructure; all with the utmost attention to security and reliability, to protect your funds and ensure hassle-free transactions.

Operational efficiency

Our systems are designed to maximize operational efficiency in different business scenarios. The banknote counting capability and the detection of any counterfeit banknotes occur quickly and effectively, minimizing human errors and increasing the accuracy of financial transactions. Thanks to their advanced technology, counting errors and the acceptance of counterfeit banknotes are significantly reduced.

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Money recycler CR-8000V Asahi Seiko | Keyfuture srl