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EDT 4000 series

Motorized Reader/Writer
EDT-4000 is a motorized type of MS & IC card Reader/Writer terminal with RS-232C interface which encodes/decodes data
on triple tracks of MS & IC card in accordance with ISO 7810,7811/7816.
The housing was designed simple and straight forward to give the impression of a quality product similar to those used on
most personal computers and it has a built-in power supply (free voltage) and LEDs which indicate the status of its operation.


Technical specifications

Mag. stripe card Read/Write
IC contact card Read/Write
T=0, T=1 protocol (default) /
Customized protocol available
EMV level1 / PBOC
Write LoCo / HiCo
Triple DES Encryption
Easy to upgrade firmware
Cycle counting for head, solenoid, flash write
Motor speed control in case of MS read error
Serial No. display in test program

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