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KDR 3000 Series

Manual Insertion Reader
KDR-3000 reads Single or Dual track magnetic stripe with ISO standards. This reader is intended to be mounted onto the front panel of the user’s terminal or other equipment, and find a host of applications where space is limited. This reader is especially useful in gaming applications. This reader functions reliably over a various range of operating speed, and operation is extremely simple. The card is simply inserted into the reader (in the proper orientation), pushed until it bottoms, and then withdrawn. This reader is available in TTL, RS-232C and USB interfaces.


Technical specifications

ISO-1,2,3 Single or Dual Track Read
Power supply: DC 5V ±5%
Low power consumption: Max. 8mA
TTL, RS-232C and USB interface
GDS Protocol is available (KDU-3907 only)
Proven and tested to last a minimum of one million cycles
Card present switch

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