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KT-1000/2000/3000 Series

Manual Swipe Reader
KT-1000 / 2000 / 3000 & MKT-3000 is an intelligent, programmable Magnetic Stripe Reader.
This reader provides a various range of functionality and value in a convenient package size. It reads up to three tracks of information with a single swipe and has a buzzer and two-color LED indicator to signal a successful read. This reader is programmable so that the data format and intelligent interface output can be programmed & configured to match application and communication requirements among Keyboard wedge, RS-232C and USB.


Technical specifications

ISO-1,2,3 Full Track Read (LoCo / HiCo)
A buzzer and two-color LED indicator
Keyboard wedge / RS-232C / USB interface are available
No external power supply required
12Mbps high speed communication
Dimension: 38x135x46( mm) KT series / 30x90x29(mm) MKT series

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