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TCM Series

TCM series – high-end motorized card reader and writer
Highly reliable card reader and writer of magnetic stripe and smart card.
Pointman has developed and upgraded it TCM series – high-end motorized car reader and writer in order to respond to the growing demand for reliability and security in card handing solution.
TCM series are designed for reliable, accurate and secure reading and writing of all three tracks of a standard ISO 7811 magnetic stripe and standard ISO 7816 smart card data. It also has optional contactless smart card read and write capability.
TCM series offers various security features such as full shutter, anti-skimming and optionally available anti-phishing to support the increasing demand on security from the field.
TCM series are EMV Level 1 & 2 and PBOC 3.0 Level 1 certified.


Technical specifications

Magnetic ISO 1/2/3 track read/write
IC card ISO 7816 read/write
Optional contactless IC card read/write
Data Encryption with triple DES and single DES
Full security with pre-head
RS232C or USB interface
EM Level 1 & 2 and PBOC 3.0 Level 1 certified
Default anti-skimming
Optional anti-phishing
Optional metal detecting

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