SH-400 – Ultra Compact Hopper
Available in several versions, this hopper meets the demanding requirements of the amusement industry. Coin counting options are opto or proximity sensor and interfaces are Asahi Seiko standard or existing hopper spec. A flexible disc version is available and can be used for most coins without the need to change any parts.

Built in motorbrake and auto-reverse mechanism helps to achieve excellent dispensing performance;
Easy bowl removal for cleaning/maintenance;
Opto or proximity sensor options;
Standard discs easy to remove or exchange without the need for special tools or equipment;
Flexi disc version suitable for most coin types without the need to change any parts;
Extension heads available for increased capacity without affecting performance or reliability of the Hopper.

Applicable Coin Size: Applicable Coin Size:
Diameter: 16.5-30.8mm
Thickness: 1.5-3.2mm

Dispensing Speed:
Up to 600 coins per minute (approximately)

Coin Capacity:
Coin Size (example) Head Capacity
25mm diameter 400
with extension bowl 1000

Coin Counting Method:
Proximity Sensor (SH-400-P)
Optical Sensor (SH-400-O)

Motor Control:
Dedicated Control Board

Motor Voltage:
24VDC + 10% – 0

Continuous Operation:
10 minutes max

Current Consumption:
230mA (operating) / 900mA (peak)

Operating Temperature:
-10°C to +50°C

1.1kg (approximately)


Download here the Brochure of the SH-400

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