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MCE-2500 – Multi-Functional Card Dispenser

The MCE-2500 is the latest product to be developed in the MCE range and supersedes the MCE-2000. It incorporates all of the features of the previous versions with the addition of some new options:
– New short antenna for Mifare operation with customers own interface
– New ACG Mifare module
– New ACG Legic module version
– The unit still offers in its baseline form connection to a standard ISO-7816 IC card
Specifically designed for simple integration into a host machine, this product forms the total card handling solution for any system where cards are processed.


Technical specifications

General Functionalities:
Accept contact or contactless IC cards for re-loading;
Automatically capture and retain stolen/fraudulent or refunded cards accidentally left in the entry slot;
Lock-out cards and maintain configuration during power interruptions.

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Host Control Interface:
Serial (RS-232) / Parallel

Supply Voltage Options:
24V DC + 15%

Current Consumption:
Operational: 250mA (average) 2.0A (peak)
Stand-by: 100mA (average) 800mA (peak)

111mm(H) x 180mm(D) x 100mm(W)

Contactless IC Card Interface:
Serial (RS-232) or Direct (Antenna only version)

Contact IC Card Connector Specification:
Landing Type. Suits cards having contacts in accordance with ISO 7816.

Applicable Contactless IC Card:
For ACG Mifare/Legic or antenna only versions of the MCE-2500, the following card type is suitable. ISO/IEC 14443 part 1-4, identification cards (contact-less IC cards – Proximity type)

Temperature: -10°C to + 40°C
Humidity: 30% to 90% (non condensing)

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