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WH-3 – Coin Hopper
The WH-3 is specifically designed to handle large diameter coins at high speeds whilst occupying a small space. Like the WH-1 and the WH-2 models, this hopper is capable of dispensing the entire contents of its head.

The WH-3 is designed to hold very large coins or tokens (38mm diameter). It has a capacity of 550 large coins and a dispensing speed of 180-550 coins per minute dependent upon coin diameter and motor RPM.


Technical specifications

Coin Size Range:
Diameter 24,3-39,00mm – Thickness 1.6-3.3mm

Dispensing Speed (dependent upon coin diameter and motor RPM):
180 to 550 coins /minute

Coin Capacity Examples:
30,8mm  550; 38.0mm  220

Operating Temperature:
All models in this range will operate within the range −10°C to +60°C.

With AC Motor: 3,8kg
With DC Motor: 2,6kg

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