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TBV_Transactional Bill Validator

TBV_Transactional Bill Validator

JCM’s Global’s TBV is the better, smarter, faster solution for single note and bulk note transactions. At processing speeds of 1.7 seconds for fixed width notes. TBV is the fastest in its class, and its proven advanced technology provides the highest level of counterfeit detection. It is perfect for self-pay kiosk operations, retail safes, ticketing/transit operations, automated deposit systems and banking operations.


Technical specifications

Single note & bulk note applications;
Bulk note feeder accepts up to 50 notes;
Double-locking cash box;
Wide bezel opening;
Impact resistant & easily accessible 2000 notes cash box;
Bulk Note Feeder (BNF) processes notes from the bottom of the stack;
Simultaneously accepts multiple denominations & currencies;
Dirt & liquid resistant sealed bill path;
Intelligent Cash Box;
Self-centering mechanism.

One device for multiple uses;
Quick processing of large stacks of notes;
Adds extra layer of security;
Easy entry of notes from 60mm to 85mm;
Increases cash handling security & reduces cash handling time;
Allows additional notes to be added on top of deposit in process;
No need to sort banknotes prior to insertion;
Keeps dirt & moisture out, maintaining a high acceptance rate & lowering maintenance;
Reduces accounting variances & tracks asset number;
Allows acceptance of most of the world currencies.

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Banknotes accepted:
Width: 60-85mm
Length: 110-170mm

Note-to-note processing speed:
Approx. 1.7 sec, fixed width
Approx. 2.0 sec, variable width

Number of banknote types supported:
100 banknote types in 4 ways

Acceptance rate:
98% or higher

Cash box capacity:
2000 for new notes

Power supply:
24VDC +/-5%

Power Consumption:
Idling: 2.0A
In Operation: 2.0A
Peak: 5.3A (max. 3.3A for 3 sec.)

Photo-coupler (ID003), RS232 (ID003), USB 2.0, ccTalk

Software download:
Through USB port
Download tool available

Operation temperature:
-15 to 60° (5 to 140°F) without BNF
5 to 50°C (41 to 122°F) with BNF

Indoors and Outodoors

Dimensions ( HxWxD):
With BNF: 475.8x114x468.9mm (18.73×4.49×18.46”)
With Shutter Bezel: 483.5x140x289x17mm (19.04×5.51×11.38”)

Standard plastic single note bezel
Metal single note shutter bezel
LD frame (stackerless frame w/o cash box)
Intelligent Cash Box

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