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MRX_Modular Banknote Recycler

Banknote Validator/Recycler/Dispenser
MRX is a truly modular banknote recycler from JCM for a wide range od payment terminals. Its flexibility and high speed operation make MRX an ideal component for every application.


Technical specifications

High-speed processing: 2 notes per second for accepting and dispensing
Bulk note feeder/Payout: Single note feed, bulk-note payout (up to 15 notes); Bulk-note feed model also available
Multi-note escrow: 15 notes escrow returns the same notes when transaction Is cancelled

Modular design allows flexible configurations for nearly all applications; One site module replacement minimizes the machine downtime
High capacity cassette: 2.200 note collection cassette
Retrieval BIN: Unremoved banknotes can be retrieved into an independent bin to keep the machine running

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Supported banknote size
Acceptance: W 60 – 85mm, L 110 – 170mm
Dispensing: W 60 – 85mm, L 110 – 170mm

Processing speed
2 notes per second (for accepting and dispensing)

Note insertion slot
Single feed note insertion integrated shutter mechanism

Note return slot
Up to 15 notes
Bulk dispense and integrated shutter mechanism

Up to 15 notes, one time only

Retrivial Bin
Up to 2.200 notes

Recycling note capacity
Up to 480 notes (60 + 60 notes for each recycling module)

N. of Recycling Module stacked
0 to 4
0 (seposit only) up to 8 denominations RC

Loading cassette
Up to 400 notes

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