dispensatori automatici monete

The automatic coin dispensers are among the quality products of the KF catalogue, which can count on the quality of the Ashai Seiko brand in this area. A brand that is a guarantee of safety and reliability, as evidenced by its long experience in the sector, in which he made his debut even in the late sixties. In fact, the constant attention to innovation and the ability to continuously update are the strong points of Ashai Seiko’s articles, which offers not only automatic coin dispensers, but also casino hoppers, coin acceptors, amusement hoppers, card dispensers with chip or magnetic strip, coins, vending hoppers and escalator hoppers. It is not difficult, therefore, to guess why KF is a reference point for all those who need to use automatic coin dispensers: the use of cutting-edge technology is without a doubt one of the reasons for the success of Asahi – Seiko and its ability to adapt to the highest quality standards, to reach the threshold of excellence. KF demonstrates, with automatic coin dispensers, to take into great consideration all the needs of its customers from every point of view, both in terms of comfort, both in terms of simplicity of installation and use. These are, moreover, devices that – by virtue of their construction quality and the value of the materials they are made of – have the ability to last for a long time, keeping their performance always at the highest levels and, moreover, being insensitive to wear that could be caused by the passing of the years. In short, solid and resistant products, robust and destined to prove to be a winning investment.