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CR-8000V – Coin Recycler
The CR-8000V coin recycler is born from the experience gained through the CRF series but with improved characteristics.
It is able to manage all Euro denominations with a “bulk” insertion of up to about 20 coins at the same time. It has been designed to be incorporated into an integrated OEM solution and it can be controlled both via USB and via an RS-232 interface. Compared to its predecessor, the structural development is vertical with a very limited width which makes it ideal for a wide range of vending machines.


Technical specifications

Acceptance capacity for bulk coins: insertion of 20 coins (1.0E)
Coin acceptance speed: 3 coins per second (EUR1)
Recycled denominations: (8) eight Euro denominations
Coin ejection speed: 9.99 Euros (14 Coins) in about 4 seconds
Cashbox capacity: about 2000 coins (EUR1)
Overflow box capacity: about 120 coins (EUR1)
Reduced width: 223.5mm (W)

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