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EH-750 – Coin Hopper for Gaming
The EH-750 is available in Non-Escalator versions. It features a new dispensing method to ensure maximum coversion flexibility. The EH-750 improves upon the existing DH-750 range.


  • Gaming

Technical specifications

The EH-750 coin hopper is ideal for large coin applications.
The EH-750 is suitable for casino slots or other gaming machines.
The EH-750 is easy to convert with only 3 different conversion options.

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Applicable Coin Size:
Diameter: 19.75 – 38mm
Thickness:1.5 – 3.2mm

Dispensing Speed:
200 coins per minute (approximately)

Coin Capacity:
Coin Size (example) Head Capacity
24.3mm diameter 1000

Counting Method:
Proximity Sensor or Microswitch

Motor (Voltage) Options:
24V DC

Current Consumption:
24V DC: 5A Peak 1A Operating

Operating Temperature:
-10°C to +60°C

With DC Motor: 4.7kg (approximately)

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