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KDR 2000 Series

Manual Swipe Reader/Writer
KDR-2000 is a Magnetic Stripe Reader/Writer for OEM applications. It reads/writes on a single track in ISO standard recording densities of 210bpi (ISO 1&3 track) and 75bpi (2 track). Also, it reads/writes both LoCo and HiCo cards. This reader/writer provides stability, reliability and accuracy required for ISO standards in the card reading/writing process.


Technical specifications

ISO-1,2,3 Full Track Read-after-Write (LoCo / HiCo)
JIS Standard is applicable
3-Dimensional Head Mounting Design achieves optimal
Adhesion with Minimal Wear
Universal Head Mounting makes Switching between Tracks
Quick and Easy
Low Power Consumption results in optimum Circuit and
System Designs
Industrial Long Lifetime Heads upto maximum 1 million
passes can be provided at option
Customized Mechanical Designs for Housing and Special
Signal Interface are available

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