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KWM-4520 – Escrow/Diverter unit
The KWM-4520 is an escrow unit, which is designed to store and distribute coins either to a cash box or to a return/reject outlet.
This model is ideal for a variety of amusements and vending applications such as payphones, cigarette machines or package vending machines.


Technical specifications

Temporary storage of coins prior to accept or return;
Can hold and/or divert coins depending on the configuration;
Suitable for a wide variety of applications from amusement and vending, transportation and telecommunications.

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Maximum coin capacity:
15 pieces of UK 10p

Distribution Method:
DC Solenoid drive

Supply Voltage Options:
12VDC or 24VDC

Current Consumption:
510mA (12VDC), 310mA (24VDC)

Upright to within 2° in any direction

Distribution Direction:
Right and Left

750g (approx.)

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