Vega is the new global standard for AWP and payment terminals. Fully featured and lower cost, Vega is a complete validator with a lockable, removable cash box, diversified options and an optional bill recycler. It’s perfect for you and for your customers.

Highly secure;
Optional 30 note bill recycling unit;
High-precision sensor technology;
Lockable, removable cashbox;
Combination of string-detection sensor and flapper mechanism;
Software upgrade via USB port;
300 and 1000 notes cashbox options.

Perfect for AWP, vending and payment terminals;
Less coin hopper refilling, less machine downtime, more revenue;
Assures best acceptance rate & most secure validation;
Highly secure, removes easily for counting;
Prevents stringing of banknotes & fraud activities;
Software downloads done in less than one minute;
Allows you to choose the best options for you.

Banknote size:
Length: 110-165mm
Width: 60-82mm

Validation speed:
Stack completion approximately 3 seconds (Vega only)
Stack completion approximately 3 seconds (into recycler)
Dispense approximately 2 seconds (from recycler)

Cash box:
Capacity approximately 300 notes (1000 notes option)
Access rear or front (SH type)
Access rear or upward (SU, SD Type)

Capacity up to 30 notes

1 banknote without RC

Photo coupler isolation, RS 232

iD-003 serial, ccTalk, MDB
Interior use only (Vega + Vega RC)
Multiple protocols in one software

Download here the Brochure of the VEGA

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